Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a tale of two inspiration boards.

here are two really simple ways to add a pop of inspiration to your space -

for the first one, all you need is a picture frame - i had a pretty plain one laying around my house, but i've seen them at the dollar tree. i framed a piece of sheet music as the background (actually, if you look closely, it's upside down...oops, haha) but you could use wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazine pages, or even plain paper. then comes the fun part - decorating it! i've covered this one with pictures (a little masking tape on the back did the trick), but you can use just about anything. another advantage to using a picture frame is the glass, which can double as a whiteboard because you can use dry erase markers on it. how awesome would it be if you framed a blank calendar and then used it as a monthly agenda?

the second inspiration board is just as easy - you just need a (metal) baking sheet and some magnets. i used two sheets of plain printer paper as a background but that's totally optional. as for the things to put on it, again it's totally up to you. i've got some photos of friends, magazine pictures, clothing tags, and jewelry. another cool thing i noticed about using the baking sheet is that mine has a hole punched at the top (which i'm sure could be drilled out too) so it's easy to hang.

more simple diy room decor to come soon, i'm sure. happy decorating!

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