Saturday, May 19, 2012

the improbability of existence.

here's a piece i did recently for class - it's pencil, sharpie pen, and marker on sketchbook paper. unfortunately, the paper is just a bit larger than my scanner so about one centimeter is cut off of the right side. 

the idea behind this was largely inspired by this [link] (concept-wise) and this [link] (design-wise). 

the main focus is this slightly distorted face - it has two right eyes, its nose is crooked and just off center, its lips are also at a slight angle - the picture is intended to explore the concept of infinity and improbability. 

i know little to nothing about infinity or set theory but the whole idea fascinates me. it is fun to think about just how immensely vast and unimaginably big the world is. the just-slightly-off face followed this idea in that had one tiny thing been changed, or one miniscule alteration of the past had been made, you wouldn't exist exactly as you are now, in fact you might not exist at all. the sheer idea of there being an infinite number of ways of how the universe could've formed and how the mere existence of each and every person defies every law of probability ever made is confusing and bewildering and beautiful. 

i tried to illustrate the idea of infinity in this picture with several fractals (sierpinski triangle, apollonian gasket, and an interesting square patterm that i'm sure has a name but i don't know it), as well as incorporating the idea of nature (trees, butterfly, bee, snail) to further this idea of imperfection - no two leaves, blades of grass, flower petals, feathers, or spiderwebs will ever be identical. i can go outside and pick up any stone or twig and say without a doubt that no one else has or ever will have something that is exactly like this. it is interesting for me to escape the everyday routine of life and stop for a moment to marvel at the improbability of our existence.   

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Alanna said...

This is weird. And very cool. Weirdly cool or cool-ly weird. Very Amy-esque. Me likey likey ;)