Sunday, April 15, 2012

fisheye effect.

i've been playing around a lot with photoshop the past couple days with different ways that i can edit/style photos, here is another one of my favorites -

photography by me.

i wanted to try and imitate a fisheye effect - i am very tempted to buy an actual toy camera that has a fisheye lens, but until then i'll settle for this. it's actually really easy to do - you make a perfect circle with elliptical marquee (hold shift!) and then go to filter --> distort --> spherize. i stylized it a bit more with a vignette-like border around the edges (blending options --> inner glow, change color to black and blend mode to normal, increase the size) and some other effects to give it a bit more of a vintage or light-leaked look like adding a little noise.

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Anonymous said...

Thats cool, I'll have to try it on photoshop. I've been wanting to buy a fisheye lens too!