Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[colors] series - teal.

really, i did intend to get this done on sunday...


jillian does not usually visit on mondays, but somehow she found herself wandering the abandoned walkways again. 

there are rarely ever any others here - the occasional rebellious teenager or photographer - and so jillian is surprised to see someone leaning against the fading [teal] and cracked gold of a merry-go-round long forgotten. 

"hey, i've never seen you around before," jillian says as she approaches, "what brings you here?" 

he pauses for a second, but responds, "i like abandoned places - maybe it's just the little kid in me that never lost its love of exploring, but there's something eerily beautiful about things that were once pristine but then left out to be picked apart and weathered down by a way, it reminds me of our eventual and, in the long run, inevitable oblivion..." he shrugs, trailing off.

as he drags a hand across the chipping sun-bleached paint, sending a flurry of [teal] dust into the air, he looks over to jillian, smiling faintly, and asks, "and you? what's your story?"


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Alanna said...

Ahhh! This is like the perfect beginning to a love storyy :D <3<3<3