Sunday, March 25, 2012

vintage artsy bedroom - inspired by aria's bedroom from pretty little liars

i am in love with aria's room from pretty little liars -

[source unknown] 

the amazing wallpaper, the pile of throw pillows, all those books stacked haphazardly everywhere, the wrought iron bed...*swoon* so i encorperated some of my favorite elements from her room into a polyvore i made here -

like the butterfly decorations, the eiffel tower lamp, the lanterns, the easel (though it didn't have room on the desk), all the dark wood, the ruffly curtains. 

i especially like the overall "organized clutter" look that her room has, like her room is peppered with little kick-knacks and trinkets from all the places she's been, but it's not messy looking, which is a look i've incorporated into my room.

would love to have a room like that.

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Alanna said...

Throw out the tv/computer and put the easel on the desk instead! lol and your room already has that organized chaos look! =P