Monday, March 26, 2012

peggy sue's and other photos.

recently went to this awesome 50's style diner called peggy sue's. they had a jukebox!

delicious milkshakes <3

an inspiration board in my room. old baking sheet + magnets = awesome place to hang things.

pretty flowers. 

all photography by me.


Alanna said...

Yay for peggy sue's!! Love, love, love the inspiration board! it is, like, the def. of awesome! Also, I spy pictures of me! oh noes! xD lol still just a bit self-picture-phobic but yay there's a film strip of just you and me! I feel special (even tho I'm pretty sure livi and marlee both have their own strips lol) :D

PaintTheTears said...

Peggy Sues! :D Haha I have many many more Hawaii pictures of us in basically the same pose, just different backgrounds!