Sunday, January 22, 2012

where dreams come from.

"where do dreams come from?" the little girl asks as her mother tucks her into bed.

"you know the story already, dear. haven't i told it to you many times before?"

"tell it again," she chirps, eyes sparkling with renewed curiosity. her mother sighs but agrees nonetheless.

there is a little town by the sea where everything is beautiful.
the sky is cotton candy pink and periwinkle blue and there are houses in every color imaginable - lime greens, bright roses, fiery oranges, crisp blues, and rich golds dot the seascape a beautiful rainbow. 
and in this town lives no one but storytellers. 
thousands of them, and they spend all day weaving beautiful stories. 
fairy tales with unicorns and dragons and love stories of beautiful princesses and handsome knights. 
and when all the stories are written, they tuck them carefully into magic paper lanterns.
as the sun sets, the townspeople release millions of these paper lanterns, and they fill the sky, an amazing multicolored fleet. 
and every night these lanterns float all over the world, giving beautiful dreams to beautiful girls... 

when her mother looks down, the girl is already fast asleep, lost in a paper lantern dream.

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