Sunday, January 22, 2012

[colors] series - faded pink.

it is 2 a.m. on october 15th and marcus slides into the last [faded pink] booth in an empty diner that he has been to many times before. 

he waits patiently until a half asleep waitress appears to take his order. 

"two banana milkshakes with extra chocolate chips," he says, explaining that it is his and his wife's fifty-first anniversary with a far away sadness that the waitress is unable to place.

he protests as she explains that they no longer serve banana milkshakes and asks if there is anything else she can get for him. 

she does not understand when the elderly man says "no" and begins to cry, mumbling "alicia" over and over again as he sits in the [faded pink] booth until the sun comes up. 


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Alanna said...

AMAZING mini story but so sad! T-T

PaintTheTears said...

(: Glad you liked it. I miss writing stories based on pictures like we did in 8th grade.