Sunday, January 29, 2012

[colors] series - cobalt blue.

annamarie is drawn to a stall in the outdoor market much different from all the others - instead of fruits or hats or jewelry, this tent in particular offers a multitude of vibrant powders, bag upon bag of every color she can imagine.

"what are they for?" she asks the vendor with a curiosity she thought she left behind in her childhood.

instead of replying, the man pulls a small glass vial from underneath the counter and fills it with bright [cobalt blue].

"only a dollar - it will bring you luck," he says as he hands it to her.

as annamarie is walking home, she wonders to herself why she agreed to buy the bottle of pigment from the market - she wants to say it is because she felt sorry for the man and not because she still believes in such silly things as luck and [cobalt blue] dreams.  


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