Thursday, January 12, 2012

alone - a poem [sort of].

i cherish this solitude.
when i’m nestled away, far from the world,
far from everyone’s prying eyes,
their judgmental assumptions. 
[how can you complain when you know you're just as quick to judge?]

alone i am different, somehow more of myself,  
where i don’t have to conform to society’s ideas.
here i don’t have to analyze every move i make,
don’t have to pretend that i’m someone i’m not. 
[how can you be anyone other than yourself?]

here, i’m not lost in a sea of faces,
or stuck living in someone’s shadow.
i can do anything,
be anyone. 
[claiming to be different when no one is watching just makes you a hypocrite]

here, enveloped in complete and utter silence,
i am at peace with myself.
here, where there’s no one to tell me i’m not good enough, 
not pretty enough, 
not perfect enough.
here, i am free. 
[you can never be free]

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