Sunday, July 22, 2012

negative space.

[as you may or may not have noticed, posting on this has become weirdly sporadic if not non-existent and it will probably remain that way for a while because i've become a bit too busy to blog as much as i'd like to.]

here is an old picture that i recently edited in photoshop to create a fake sprocket rocket effect -

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


"i have the urge to lay my hand on his shoulder and say, i understand. but the words seem stupid. we can never understand. we can only try, fumbling our way through the tunneled places, reaching for light."

- lauren oliver, pandemonium

inspirations V.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a tale of two inspiration boards.

here are two really simple ways to add a pop of inspiration to your space -

for the first one, all you need is a picture frame - i had a pretty plain one laying around my house, but i've seen them at the dollar tree. i framed a piece of sheet music as the background (actually, if you look closely, it's upside down...oops, haha) but you could use wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazine pages, or even plain paper. then comes the fun part - decorating it! i've covered this one with pictures (a little masking tape on the back did the trick), but you can use just about anything. another advantage to using a picture frame is the glass, which can double as a whiteboard because you can use dry erase markers on it. how awesome would it be if you framed a blank calendar and then used it as a monthly agenda?

the second inspiration board is just as easy - you just need a (metal) baking sheet and some magnets. i used two sheets of plain printer paper as a background but that's totally optional. as for the things to put on it, again it's totally up to you. i've got some photos of friends, magazine pictures, clothing tags, and jewelry. another cool thing i noticed about using the baking sheet is that mine has a hole punched at the top (which i'm sure could be drilled out too) so it's easy to hang.

more simple diy room decor to come soon, i'm sure. happy decorating!

golden state of mind - fashion inspiration.

photo & videos from [here]

Monday, June 04, 2012

colors series - [turquoise].

my aunt used to tell me that the flower jars were for the fairies - hundreds of them hung from the great elm tree in the backyard - shining [turquoise], barely-there lime, blushing peach, brilliant violet...
and i remember sitting on the porch swing, my head nestled on aunt emma's shoulder, the hot summer wind gently rocking the creaking swing, and we would wait. 
wait, watching for the slightest flutter of wings, the smallest glimmer, anything. 
and do you wanna know a secret? 
i never stopped believing. 
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Sunday, June 03, 2012

cityscape sketchings.

colored pencils on construction paper. no reference, which explains the wonky perspective.

"a city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again." - margaret mead

Friday, June 01, 2012

color wheel.

an assignment for class - we had to redesign the color wheel so i did a kind of fractal-ly apollonian gasket thing. it's acrylic paint on a rectangular canvas, but i cropped out much of the negative space here.

words of wisdom.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


love. hate. fear. betrayed. happy. depressed. trust. success. hope. all too often i forget the weight behind these words and throw them around like empty shells of their former selves. and sometimes that frightens me, because i fear that i've forgotten what these words really mean.

Monday, May 21, 2012

if the stars should appear.

but once every thousand years how man would marvel and stare.

- ralph waldo emerson

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

[colors] series - silver.

"mamma, i don't wanna go to sleep," the little girl whines, tugging at her mother's dress. 

"why not?" she asks, stroking her daughter's fine brown hair. 

"because it's dark," she says, "and i'm scared of the dark." 

her mother leaves and returns with a handful of sparkling [silver] glitter, and at first the young girl is confused but she watches, enthralled, as her mother sends the glitter whirling through the air, tumbling through space like millions of diamond shards.

"there," her mother says, brushing the last of the sparkles off her hands, "it's not dark anymore, dear, for tonight you sleep amongst the stars."

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

waiting for summer - polyvore.

here's the look on polyvore.

the improbability of existence.

here's a piece i did recently for class - it's pencil, sharpie pen, and marker on sketchbook paper. unfortunately, the paper is just a bit larger than my scanner so about one centimeter is cut off of the right side. 

the idea behind this was largely inspired by this [link] (concept-wise) and this [link] (design-wise). 

the main focus is this slightly distorted face - it has two right eyes, its nose is crooked and just off center, its lips are also at a slight angle - the picture is intended to explore the concept of infinity and improbability. 

i know little to nothing about infinity or set theory but the whole idea fascinates me. it is fun to think about just how immensely vast and unimaginably big the world is. the just-slightly-off face followed this idea in that had one tiny thing been changed, or one miniscule alteration of the past had been made, you wouldn't exist exactly as you are now, in fact you might not exist at all. the sheer idea of there being an infinite number of ways of how the universe could've formed and how the mere existence of each and every person defies every law of probability ever made is confusing and bewildering and beautiful. 

i tried to illustrate the idea of infinity in this picture with several fractals (sierpinski triangle, apollonian gasket, and an interesting square patterm that i'm sure has a name but i don't know it), as well as incorporating the idea of nature (trees, butterfly, bee, snail) to further this idea of imperfection - no two leaves, blades of grass, flower petals, feathers, or spiderwebs will ever be identical. i can go outside and pick up any stone or twig and say without a doubt that no one else has or ever will have something that is exactly like this. it is interesting for me to escape the everyday routine of life and stop for a moment to marvel at the improbability of our existence.   

spring journal.

here's something i've been doing lately and intend to continue for each coming season -

i made it out of random bits of things i found throughout my house - two pieces of cardboard from a box of granola bars that i covered in magazine pictures for the front and back cover, eight index cards for the pages, and embroidery floss and duct tape to hold it all together. 

i added in bits of lace, fortune cookie fortunes, quotes, whatever inspired me at the moment.

a few pages also have some instagram photos that i printed out and glued in. i was also fond of pressing and drying flowers, as well as doing small watercolors on extra scraps that i had laying around.

another favorite page of mine - these two pages are quite blue - the dress is hand drawn (one of the few fashion pictures i've attempted) and there's also a polyvore up in the corner.

great things to put in journals - poetry, quotes, magazine cutouts, drawings, photography, leaves, flowers, fabric, paint chips, tissue paper, lace, feathers, clothing tags, string, old maps, sheet music, ticket stubs, stamps (postal, rubber, or otherwise), the possibilities are nearly endless...

this is great for whenever i need some inspiration or just want something cool to look at.

enjoy and stay creative.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

looking for.


i am not looking for beautiful things.
rather, i am looking for beauty in the everyday,
the common, the casually-glanced-at-but-soon-forgotten.
and once you start looking, you start to see that it is everywhere -
in the curl of a leaf, the weather-beaten brick, the flicker of a candle.
so be an artist today
and show the world what you think is beautiful.  

photography by me

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

things of the moment III.

1) in rainbows album by radiohead - i am so very addicted to this album.

2) bleach tie-dyed shorts - today i cut and dyed my own shorts using this technique and instructions from here. pictures to come after they're dry.

3) strawberries - i've been eating strawberries nonstop for the past week or two - so delicious.

4) picture show - is my new favorite iphone app. it's like instagram but so much better. the possibilities are practically endless.

5) halley's comet by orly - i don't really care that this is supposed to be a summer color, i wear this all year round. it's so multidimensional and sparkly and reminds me of ocean water.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

in the in between - a poem.

i am sitting at the station,
waiting for a train that’s never coming back.
it seems like an eternity since anything’s come down these
with nothing left but my frail and fading memories,
it’s almost as if i’d imagined it ever existing in the first place.

i am in the in between,
drifting between asleep and awake,
floating from this world to the next
and back again.
yearning for the sky,
but chained indefinitely to the ground.
trying to scream,
but finding silence in place of sound.

i am waiting for the train,
a train that will take me away from these shades of grey
into inky black or piercing white.
a train that’s stopped here once before,
i could’ve gotten on but i was afraid,
and now it is gone forever,
like a shooting star – burning bright for just a moment,
but leaving behind a sky darker than ever before.

i am waiting,
walking lonely railroad ties
creaking metal and crunching gravel
with my every step.
in the in between,
caught between giving up
and holding on.   

Sunday, May 13, 2012

spring picnic - polyvore.

it seems like great weather for a picnic - here's the look on polyvore: link

[colors] series - golden yellow.

he is usually not one to mope around, depressed, but today is different - things will never be the same again...but he does not want to hear that, he does not want to think about her or anything that ever had to do with her because her memory is too painful to bear. 

but try as he may, he cannot stop thinking about her and that is why he is here, in the place they used to call "theirs" but is now only "his," her colored pencils still scattered on the desk beside a half-finished sketch, as if she has gotten up for a cup of coffee and will return any moment now. 

he pulls out a fresh sheet of paper and does the only thing he seems to be able to do - he draws her - capturing every detail perfectly, as if she was sitting in front of him.

[golden yellow] for her blond hair that never stayed in place, icy blue for her bright eyes, soft pink for her flushed cheeks and classic smirk - he finishes the drawing and puts her pencils away neatly, just like she always used to do. 

holding up the drawing, he crumples it up in a fit of anger and despair - it looks like her but it is not her - he throws it away, tears streaming down his face, he whispers although he knows there is no one there to hear him, 'we were supposed to grow old together...'  


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Monday, April 30, 2012

lo-fi iphone photography - part 2.

the last post focused on digital filters, but you can actually use real physical filters to change up iphone photography - i had two different ideas and i basically fiddled with the positioning in front of my phone camera lens until i got the result i wanted.

 for this photo, i used my sunglasses to give a kind of warm ombre effect to the picture. i think it made the colors and the edges look nice and soft, and i especially like the cool light flare that came out.

for this one, i played with using a magnifying glass to give a kind of blurred, hazy quality to this picture. i added in light leaks digitally later just for fun. 

1. here and 3. to come soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

[colors] series - violet.

today is the last day before she leaves, and instead of finishing her packing of re-checking last minute details, she is here, here in her beloved secret hide-out, her hidden escape that she is leaving behind forever. 

she is surrounded by one hundred colored balloons that she has carefully inscribed with careful cursive script - one hundred memories, inside jokes, dreams, and wishes from her childhood.

here in her special corner of the forest behind her house, in her favorite dress with a dearly beloved stuffed animal, she watches as the gentle wind sways the colorful sea of balloons to and fro, a single tear trickling down her face. 

a pastel yellow one passes by - '1/26/01: met best friend katie' and then a red - 'summer of 2009: road trip to california' after another, she sits surrounded by everything that defines her life. 

she picks up a final [violet] balloon and writes on it 'despite everything, i would do it all again in a heartbeat' and releasing it as she gets up to leave, she is filled with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.


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