Saturday, December 31, 2011

the space between the walls.

wishing i could redecorate my bedroom...

link - the bedding.. *swoon* i spend an ungodly amount of time on the anthropologie website. actually, i went to an actual store for the first time just a couple days ago (none particularly close to my house) and...would definitely be my new favorite store hands down if everything wasn't so expensive (okay, maybe not that expensive, but i can't really justify spending close to $100, sometimes more, for one piece of clothing.

link - is that a chandelier of jewelry?! tangent story - ever since my jewelry collection outgrew its housing, it's slowly filled random bowls and jars and gotten hung on clothes hangers, i've had the intention of making some kind of jewelry tree out of actual tree branches, but i haven't quite had the time to figure out how to make this work logistically...

link - i really, really like the wall of stuff (charlieissocoollike reference, anyone?) and i feel like this is definitely something you would see in my future dorm room or something. also the quote of course because i have a bit of a quote fetish... 

link - another thing i really love about beds is when they have a canopy that you can pull around the entire thing, which i think is probably just me having never grown out of my childhood love of forts and tents and the like. another tangent story - i have a canopy over my bed right now but i also have the slight problem of one of the posts of my four poster bed being broken, so my bed is like half-canopied in this interesting diagonal fashion. (the post was broken before i got the canopy anyways.)

link - a little muted for my general style but i couldn't resist the three birdcage-esque decorations hanging over the bed. though i don't own any birds, i think it would be very cool and awesome to get a birdcage just to hang and look at (and possibly put things in).

link - anyone that's seen my room can testify to the fact that i like to collage the walls. a lot. and hanging christmas lights is another one of those things that i've always wanted to do but never got around to. i also spy one (maybe two?) film cameras, a dream-catcher, and one of my favorite degas paintings.  

no copyright infringement / picture thievery intended.

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