Saturday, December 31, 2011

the house is eerily quiet on new year's eve.

2012 is upon us. so quickly the time seems to slip away. 

several things of the moment - 

- my leaves wallflower - how have i not found out about this until now? it is smells like apple cider and autumn leaves (of course) and cinnamon and just slightly of pumpkin spice and caramel... *sigh* 

- the nail polish combo i'm wearing right now - three layers of opi ink and one layer of sally hansen dvd. impossible to photograph its duochrome-y, sparkly, blue-purple shift.

- getting into film photography - i recently inherited a neglected film camera (pentax pz1-p) and i'm learning how to use it. it's been mostly research up to this point, but the (long expired) film is loaded and waiting to be used. 

- abandoned amusement parks - is that weird? i definitely want to visit one someday, just the whole creepy, derelict idea of them seems really awesome to me.

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