Friday, December 23, 2011

engulfed in music - a poem.

Turn up the music.
Drown everything out.
Your thoughts, your regrets, your pain.
Let it go.
Lose yourself in the beat,
In the lyrics, in the sound that threatens to engulf you.
Find your heart in its throbbing rhythm,
Let the melody fill the emptiness in your chest.
Empty your mind.
Don’t think.
Just live.
Show your passion to the world.
Faster, harder, let the music pulsate through your soul.
Let the music carry you away.
Louder, stronger, find the words you’ve been dying to sing.
Let the music carry you away.
I’m drowning in sound,
Notes, chords, words, poured into my ears like liquid gold,
Bright, burning, beautiful.
And for just one moment,
I forget everything,
Regrets of the past, worries of the future,
And I lose myself in the moment.
It’s just me and the music,
Singing to the lyrics, dancing to the beat.
But in the chaos,
In this catastrophe of sound,
This whirlwind of noise,
I’ve found my heart. 
Turn up the music.

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