Thursday, December 22, 2011

casual neutrals - polyvore.

i am not here today. i am drifting. i’m losing myself in this endless expanse of soft, muted colors. i’m wandering from place to place, following my feet and my heart. i’m somewhere in the space between lucidity and unconsciousness. my body follows these senseless sheep through their odious days of same steps and routines and nonsense, but my mind is far away. far from these people who call themselves teachers when all they do is drone on and on about state requirements and tests and meeting standards. i’m hanging on to whisper-thin wishes. i am not here. i am lost in my imagination, gliding from thought to subject to question in a seamless stream of nonsense. i’m zoning out the real world and its problems and all the dull formulas i’m supposed to memorize to ensure that i’m on course for the rest of my life. i’m exactly where i’m happiest, which is anywhere but here.

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