Friday, December 30, 2011

afternoon ramblings.

turquoise bracelets and flowers in her hair,
flowy, ruffly floral dresses and fluttering feather earrings,
smells of honeysuckle and fresh picked berries,
lives in vintage boutiques and used bookstores,
walls plastered with paintings and half-finished sketches,
takes pride in her quirky, bohemian fashion sense,
a mess of scribbled poems and quotes and song lyrics,
always dancing to a song only she can hear,
loves warm sand and cool surf,
and dewy grass and blooming daisies,
unique, carefree, mysterious, creative,
she lives with her head in the clouds and her heart in the sky,
sleeps under the stars and chases after butterflies,
loves relaxing up a tree with a good book and cool lemonade,
designs her own jewelry and perfumes,
surrounded by candles and trinkets and sheet music,
lost keys, vintage photography, sea glass,
tulle, paintbrushes, and effortless hair,
she’s a mix of patterns, textures, and styles,
splashes of thousands of brilliant colors,
soft gold, bright teal, deep plum, forest green,
with pirouettes and leaps flowing together like ribbons,
she runs with the wind, chasing dreams
and living in every moment.

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